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Infant Feeding Specialist

My name is Lillie Baby Reflux Lady and CPD certified infant feeding specialist, I am also a personal trainer and nutritionist, mum to my little girl Aria and now the founder of The Reflux Remedy. Every parent is expected to hear their baby cry from time to time. Once fed, changed rested, and loved we expect the crying to subside. But what if it continues? What if your maternal or paternal instinct is telling you somethings wrong. What if you know deep down your baby is in pain? 
I work 1-1 with clients to get to the root cause of their child’s reflux by looking at the full case history of baby’s symptoms and also Mum’s pregnancy, birth, and diet and then creating a step by step tailored plan to work from.  
The Reflux Remedy was created in honour of my daughter who suffered at the hands of reflux for four months. I want to help set parents free from that dark and lonely place so they can have their happy baby as was meant to be.

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Mother and Baby

“Lillie was an amazing support to us in our early days while we were struggling. Our little girl had the classic symptoms of ‘silent reflux’ the advice to wait it out, it would get better just didn’t sit well with me, I was watching my tiny baby go through something that made her uncomfortable and I just couldn’t wait.  I spoke with Lillie who discussed a potential tongue tie and despite having been seen by two paediatricians and a lactation consultant who all said there was no tie, I brought her to a specialist.  She was diagnosed with a grade 3 posterior tongue tie which was released there and then. The difference in her within a few days was amazing and within a week this wonderful happy baby was able to be herself.  Trust your gut parents and if you aren’t happy with answers you get from mainstream ‘specialists’ go further and speak with Lillie”



"My son was crying all the time when I would feed him and he was hitting his bottle away wanting nothing to do with it. I brought him to the doctor and I was told he just had reflux and he was put on gaviscon. 
Mommy gut kicked in, I knew this wasn't right and there was more to it because it wasn't normal how much he would cry when feeding. So I got Lillie's help instead and it was the best thing I ever did. 
I described all of his symptoms to Lillie and she knew straight away how to help. I can highly recommend Lillie to anybody that is going through the same struggles because having a fussy baby all the time when feeding is exhausting and not normal! She also got me a lot of sleep back! I'll never be able to thank her enough."


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